Mark Richards


Monday, February 23, 2004

The End of an Era

Sex and the City has finally ended. I was never really into the series, but felt obligated to watch the end of the era. I usually feel that way unless it is a crap show like Seinfeld. Before watching the last show I made a prediction about the outcome of the final episode. I predicted that Carrie would get back together with Big, but that they would stay in Paris. The show did not end exactly like that though. Now at first, you may think that my prediction was incorrect. But if you look back at my exact words, you will notice that I never said that they would "live" in Paris, but that they would just "stay" there. And since Carrie and Big got back together late in the evening, I would assume that they "stayed" in Paris over night and took an early flight out the next day. So there...technically I was not wrong!

Okay, okay! Are you ready? I was wrong. Happy now?


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