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Monday, February 09, 2004

Good Weekend

The weekend came and went fast as usual, but at least it was eventful and filled with a variety of activities, thus mading the past few days an overall success.

On Saturday, I was supposed to have a softball scrimmage, but the game was moved to Sunday due to inclement weather. Instead of sitting inside all day and doing nothing, I decided to go shopping with Sarah at Lenox Square. I wanted to purchase some work clothes and since we were right next to Rich's, we went looking there first. At the entrance was a small crowd. I was a little confused at first but once I got my bearings, I realized that Dominique Wilkins, former NBA All-Star for the Atlanta Hawks, was signing autographs. I am not sure why he was there...maybe a new line of clothing, a book, or something like that. I am still not exactly sure. The line for an autograph was short so I hopped on and within seconds got an autographed poster from one of the all time greats. My Saturday was now a little brighter...and I thought I was going to need the extra enthusiasm knowing what was in store for me later than evening.

Earlier in the week, Sarah discovered that Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater was going to be in town on the weekend. Being the dance enthusiast she is, she went online and purchased us tickets for Saturday night. I have been to ballets with her before, but it was not my ideal type of performance...but I did not hate it. Going into the whole thing, I was slightly skeptical, but she assured me that this was nothing like ballet. I took her word for it and went without a fight. I would say that I was pleasantly surprised by the whole experience by the end. This was nothing like ballet. The music was more up tempo, the movements were more exciting, and the messages were not boring and drawn out. I did not have any trouble staying awake for the entire performance. It reminded me more of a musical than a ballet. I would recommend Alvin Ailey to anyone interested in the arts.

The new softball season begins next month, so we decided to get cracking early and scheduled a scrimmage for this past Sunday. We looked a little rusty, but I think with a few more practices and scrimmages, we will be right where we want to be for our first game. I fielded the ball well, which I would like to chalk up to being a little lighter on my feet these days, but my throws and batting were mediocre at best. This season is the only season of the year where there is a playoff system after all the regular season games are complete, which is why people are taking everything a little more seriously right now. I will be ready a month from now.


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