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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Gym Etiquette

Why are some people so uneducated when it comes to gym etiquette? I do not wish to offend anyone by making generalizations, but in my experiences women have no clue about what is right and what is wrong when working out. To summarize my feelings, women are just plain rude.

Last night, I was the first person to enter the gym and nobody was on any of the aerobic machines. I began removing my jacket and warm-up pants when a girl walks in right past me and drops her stuff off on the only elliptical...the machine I was going to use. Not only was I annoyed because I was there before her, but after she laid her belongings down on the machine, she proceeded to change the channel on the TV, take off her jacket and pants, leave the room to use the bathroom and get a drink of water, and finally stretch. Only after this five to seven minute ritual did she begin her workout. Nice start for me. So in an attempt to not get overly angry, I hopped on the stationary bike a couple of machines away in the hope to get the elliptical once the girl was done. I stayed on for about fifteen minutes. During that time, three more girls came in and all got on different machines. The second, and I mean the second, the girl on the elliptical was done, all three girls left their machines and tried to take it. I barely even had a chance to turn my head to look over. So, the three girls start discussing who is going to take the elliptical, while the entire time it should have been mine because I was there before all of them. Feeling annoyed for the second time, I decided I try and get on a treadmill, but that did not work either because the one girl who was originally on one of the treadmills ran back to it after not commandeering the elliptical and the girl on the elliptical just switched machines with the other girl on the treadmill! At that point I was furious. How can these women possibly not realize how rude they are being? I wanted to scream at them, but I held back and just got back on the bike. What a waste of my cardio day: half an hour on a stationary bike.

I wish this was the only time I had had problems with females at the gym, but of course not. There is one girl who likes to stay on the only elliptical in the gym for 45 minutes while the gym is packed. Not only does she stay on it forever, but she does not even need to be on the elliptical. She does her exercises without using the handle bars, sets the resistance to a very high level, and then just works her legs. Get on a damn stair climber for the love of God! Get a clue lady!

Then there was the time I watched a girl give her boyfriend a kiss on the lips or chick every single time she got up and moved to another machine. In what world is that appropriate at the gym? What are some people thinking?!

All this has lead me to assemble a few resources on gym etiquette. Please read them because there is a good chance you are pissing people, such as myself, off. Here they are:

  • How To: Master Gym Etiquette

  • A Guide To Gym Etiquette

  • Manners, Mindfulness and Muscles

  • So if you like going to the gym, please be aware of some of the "rules" that you should be adhering to...especially you women. This is quickly becoming a pet peeve of mine.


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