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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Pottery Painting

This past weekend I painted pottery with few people at a place called Wired and Fired. I was slightly skeptical going into this whole thing, but I thought I would at least give it a chance. The process is fairly simple: choose a piece of pottery from the huge wall, wipe it down with a sponge and water, paint it however you choose using the provided stencils and stamps, or by freehand, and then leave it there for a couple of days until they put your piece in the kiln to make it permanent. While this entire process seems simple, I found it to be a lot more challenging than it should be.

First off, there were so many pieces of pottery to choose from, everything from picture frames to coffee cups to dog bowls. An entire 30 foot wall in the place was devoted to the selection. A nice, wide selection...possibly too nice. I had no idea which piece to choose. All I knew was that I wanted something I could get practical use out of and to not pay over $20. After twenty minutes of obsessing, I chose to paint the sushi/cheese plate. Why? Because I like sushi and can use it if I ever eat sushi at home and I like hosting parties where I can use it as a serving tray...that is if it does not end up as ugly as sin. Once I decided on the plate, I had to select four different color paints to use from the collection of fifty. Sounds easy, right? Wrong! I am not a designer. I do not know what colors will look good together. I had to ask the lady that worked there for some design tips. In the end, she really just ended up choosing the colors for me. That whole ordeal took another twenty minutes. Finally, on to the painting...kinda. What the heck was I going to draw on my sushi plate with the four colors I had?! To make a long story short, after mulling over the situation for a while and painting for even more time, I was finally done. I do not even know if it is any good because I just could not handle looking at the damn plate anymore.

I did not realize that this experience was going to be so stressful. We sat there choosing, washing, and painting for over two hours! By the time we were done, my body was tight and I was tired...too much concentration. All that being said, I had a really good time and would recommend pottery painting to anyone looking for a change of pace.


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