Mark Richards


Thursday, November 11, 2004

Bad Sign

I had a ton of trouble sleeping last night. While that may not seem odd, the reason for my lack of sleep is: I was dreaming about the setup and decorations for the wedding. That is probably a sign that this whole wedding planning thing is starting to get to me. That is a little scary.

I would like to clarify my fears. I am not scared of the wedding, or getting married, or anything like that. But the fact that I am losing sleep over the details of my wedding is scary. Maybe that is understandable though. This week alone, I have already been to heavy duty powwows with the Rabbi at The Temple and the Catering Manager at the Grand Hyatt. And today, I have another appointment with another florist. It is all so exhausting and time consuming.

I sure hope we are nearing a point where the number of meetings will subside. May 29th cannot get here fast enough.


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