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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

MAX 2004 Update

So far, nothing too exciting has happened here at MAX 2004. The conference only officially began last night with a meet and greet event and an exhibit showcase. This morning consisted only of a few sessions that I was not interested in and the key note, which once again had Macromedia rambling on about Rich Internet Applications (RIA's). Blah blah blah. The best thing that has happened so far is that I took the ColdFusion Certification Exam and achieved a score high enough to earn "Advanced ColdFusion Certification". While this does not mean that much, it is validation that I do know my CF very well and now have proof of it. It is pretty cool though because they take your picture and post it for everyone to see, as well as automatically enter you in a contest where the person with the highest test score for the day wins a prize. I do not think I will win, but I guess I have a chance since I earned a score high enough to get advanced status when not everybody does.

While the conference has not been earth shattering, I have met a few cool people and had a good time in the city of New Orleans. The past couple of nights have consisted of a good bit of time on Bourbon Street (yes, it is as crazy as you have heard), a limited amount of time in the Vegas-like casino directly across the street from the hotel (I hope to spend more time there later in the week), and a good bit of eating (I do not know how much more my stomach can handle). My plan is to tour the "Garden District" of New Orleans tomorrow morning and take some good G-rated pictures that I can bring home to my fiance without getting in to trouble. Hopefully that will pan out and not be derailed by the other "non-conference activities" I am partaking in.

And since today is election day, if you have not vote yet, please do.

I am off to my first session.


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