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Monday, August 04, 2003

Guests Are Tiring

Having guests is extremely tiring. Sarah's family was in town this weekend, and while we had a blast going out to eat, touring Atlanta, watching movies, etc., I just crashed after all was said and done.

A few weeks ago, I bought an issue of Jezebel Magazine with the 100 Best Restaurants in Atlanta. I do not have an official tally yet, but I think I have been to almost ten of the hundred restaurants thus far. This weekend I was able to knock another one off of my remaining list: Sotto Sotto. Sotto Sotto is an Italian Restaurant located on N. Highland Avenue in Virginia Highlands and is known for its wide selection of wine. For my main course I had the Lasagnette alla Bolognese, which was absolutely incredible. The meal was very light, yet rather filling. Mmm mmm good! As if I hadn't had enough calories already with the pasta and bread, I went ahead and split an order of egg-less flan covered in caramel sauce. I am beginning to drool again just thinking about the great food. This meal combined with a huge sushi feast the previous night at Twist (another top 100 restaurant, but one we had already visited), I had to have put on a few pounds, which is something I definitely do not need.

As for the rest of the weekend, most of the activities dealt with "Mark's Grand Tour of Atlanta: The Tour For the First Time Atlantan". My tour includes a trip to Atlanta Underground, CNN Center, Centennial Olympic Park, and World of Coke, all of which I have been to at least five times. I swear that I could give a tour at any of the places and get paid for it. Unfortunately for the group, but fortunately for me, the line at the World of Coke was around the block and probably would have taken over an hour to get in, so we just left to go home and go swimming.

What a relaxing weekend!


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