Mark Richards


Wednesday, July 30, 2003


It is raining pretty hard outside here at work. It is a dark and dreary day which normally would get me down a little. But not today, for there finally is some joy in Mudville. After 13 straight losses, Team Bad Guy has won a game!

During the summer, we are playing in a five week, ten game doubleheader league. The season began last week with Team Bad Guy playing itself right out of the first game through errors and poor hitting and getting murdered in the second game by a team that should not be playing in the lowest possible league. Both were so depressing that I could not even bare to post about it. As I am sure you can imagine, we had actually gotten a lot better over the first season, but the second game was so bad that I wanted to cry. 18-1 is pretty bad.

That brings us to last night. We lost the first game by the score of 8-6. It is not like we played poorly either. We were beating them the entire game, but then, for two outs in one of the later innings, we became plagued by errors and good hitting by our opponents. They scored four runs and put the game almost out of reach. In the last inning, we battled back to within one run and had a runner on second base. A single was hit by the batter and our runner was thrown out trying to score. Things like that will happen in baseball/softball, but what made it worse was the fact that we forgot to put in a new third base coach who could have told the runner to stop at third instead of getting thrown out at home by a mile. We keep finding ways to lose. 0-3 this season and 0-13 overall.

Then, the breakthrough.

Let me start off by saying that these guys we played were the worst team I have ever seen. They were worse than we were at the beginning of our first season. Although we made the same mistakes in the past as they made last night, we at least had some athletic ability. These guys looked like a Magic the Gathering club in uniforms with bats and gloves. I know that is not very nice. Some of their guys were pretty good and athletic looking, but as we have found out in the past, that is not going to win you any games. We pounded these guys 18-7. We "mercy ruled" them! What a great feeling it is to win a game. What a great feeling it is to win a game like we did. We put together the most complete game we ever have. We hit well, we fielded well, and we played smart ball. Everything it takes to win a game. After our victory, I had this huge smile that I could not get off my face. It was so much fun. Hopefully it will not take another fourteen games to win another. But for now, who cares! 1-3 on the season and 1-13 over baby!


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