Mark Richards


Monday, February 11, 2008

Monthly Update

Since I'm trying to avoid a new record for the least updated blog on the world wide web, now seemed like a good time for a monthly update.

I didn't win an Emmy, but I'm sure you figured that out by my not posting pictures of me crying like a baby and tucked in bed with a gold statue poking out from under the covers. Obviously, I was disappointed but not too much. I believe that MLB's application was better than ours so there's no need to feel bad about losing to a superior opponent. Also, everything was very corporate at the ceremony. 95% of the speeches were unemotional and uninspiring. If I had to go up to accept the award, it would have been difficult to contain my emotions. I felt very out of place. The coolest part of the whole experience was that the astronaut Buzz Aldrin was the presenter for our category. I got to meet him, shake his hand, and take a picture with him. It's not too often you get to shake the hand of someone who's walked on something other than planet Earth.

We re-launched the site that I've been working on now for the last 4 years: It took many, many long and frustrating hours to get it out the door, but it's done now. I'm proud of how it turned out. There are definitely still some bugs, but the site is much more functional and rich than the old site. The team delivered a very slid product despite the difficulties that developing in the CNN environment can cause. We did the best job we could of getting pages to validate and be XHTML compliant, but when you have to work with other groups and systems not under your control, it's difficult to get everything done in the proper manner. It's very frustrating.

Three more friends have gotten engaged since the beginning of the year: Brian and Lori, Chelsea and Jeremy, and Robert and Sue. Hurray for all of them!

That's all I got for right now.