Mark Richards


Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Trivia Masters

Since Team Bad Guy was locked out of the fall softball season, a few of us decided to play trivia in its place. Getting together and meeting up with friends was the driving force behind the idea, but we also wanted to do something where we actually have a chance to win.

Meehan's Pub is a mere few minutes away from my place and has been the location of our first few trivia outings. There are not an abundance of trivia locations nearby, so Meehan's will be sufficient for the moment. The food selection at Meehan's blows. Do not confuse that with them having bad food, but their menu just sucks due to the lack of variety. The D.J. who runs the trivia is a tool. He tries to act like he has a clue, but what he does not realize is that talking to people in the "D.J. voice" is freakin' weak. But when all else fails, at least the servers are hot...and that is good enough of a reason for me to return.

Last week, in our inaugural game, we came in third place which sounds like a poor showing when only four teams were playing. But in the infamous words of Lee Corso, "Not so fast my friend". What I left out is the fact that everybody cheats at this thing! Why? I do not have a clue. Look around at the other teams and people are calling friends on their phones, asking other teams for help, and looking up answers on handheld devices. Cheating at bar trivia is just so ridiculously lame to me. It is like taking money from the offer plate in Church (yes, I have been to Church even though I am Jewish), or stealing a library book. Come on? Who does that?! That is why our team has agreed to a no cheating policy. When we win, it will be that much more fulfilling.

This week, our team went into battle knowing what it was up against. We were going to have to fight for every point because the drunk bar schmucks were going to be out in full force. In the end, Team "Rodney and Bullwinkle" prevailed as victors by 1 point! For the record, we did not succumb to the pressure and the desire to cheat even when the going got tough. All of our points were earned honestly and that makes our win even more special (as special as bar trivia wins can get). Thank goodness we won because after listening to Mr. "I Am A Giant Tool" D.J. for over two hours, I did not want to come away empty handed.

Now that the good guys came out on top, the challenge will be to defend our trivia title next week. Hooray Team "Rodney and Bullwinkle"!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Party at My Place!

I would like to invite everybody to come over to my place every Thursday night (except 10/13 when Clemson plays N.C. State) beginning tonight to watch The O.C. If you do not know where I live, just ask me. If you do not want to ask, then I probably do not want you there anyway. The more the merrier!

The O.C. was added to my "must watch television list" in the middle of last season. All it took were a few episodes of hot chick lesbian scenes to grab my attention. Now I am hooked...and the plot is good too. But not only does The O.C. start tonight, the NFL opens its season tonight as well with the Oakland Raiders vs. the New England Patriots. These teams do not necessarily do it for me, but I will take whatever I can get when it comes to football.

Thank goodness for the fall television schedule starting back up because this summer has been horrendous.

" we coooooooooooome!"

Gas Prices Suck

I filled up my Nissan Altima with 15 gallons of regular unleaded gasoline this morning and it cost me $45! That is just stupid. I remember when I first went to Clemson in the summer of 1997, gas cost $0.80 per gallon. Obviously the days of sub-dollar gas are long gone, but $3.00+ is out of control. I can pretty much guarantee that when I get a new car five years from now it will be a hybrid. Having to refill my car so often with such expensive gasoline is not my idea of a good time.

I may have to pick up a second job so that I can pay for the gas to drive up to Clemson during football season.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm Famous!

As you all know by now, Sarah and I are amazingly attractive people. If you doubt me, check out exhibit A and exhibit B. Now that that has been clarified, it will not come as a surprise that one of our wedding photos was selected to be in the wedding section of September 2005 issue of Jezebel 50 to be exact!

Jezebel Magazine describes itself as "upscale Atlanta living". They do interviews with stars, give beauty and style tips, review Atlanta events, and a slew of other crap that you would expect. Since Jezebel's audience is successful, attractive, and hip Atlantans, they knew that we fit their demographic perfectly. It was either that, or the fact that our catering manager/wedding planner/friend, Lauren Lenoir, who knows everybody important in the city of Atlanta, got us in. Lauren kicks major ass! Either way you want to look at it, this is pretty freakin' cool.

Thanks L.L. for helping us to look cooler than we actually are!