Mark Richards


Monday, January 31, 2005

A Cold, Dark Weekend

With the winter storming hitting the Southeast, it made for a pretty crappy weekend. All we got was a half inch of snow/sleet/freezing rain and we were without power for over 15 hours. Yeah, that was a blast.

Before the storm got into town, a trip to Target and Publix (which ended up closing early) was made to get the essentials: DVD's and chips. While at the store, we saw our next door neighbor doing the same thing and we decided have an easy night together. A couple hours later while watching TV, the power went out leaving the evening's plans in disarray. Back to Target.

The second trip to Target had a different feeling. The first trip left me pleased and excited for a lazy night, but the second trip was the exact opposite. We were scrambling for necessities like flashlights, games, and Duralogs. We purchased the cheapest flashlights possible (we definitely got what we pad for), Scattergories, and Harry Potter Uno. All the fake fire wood logs were sold out. They had these Chimney Sweep logs things, but who knows what sort of crap chemicals we would be inhaling all night. Back to the apartment.

Back at the apartment...well...nothing was going on. The parking garage was pitch black as were everybody's apartments. I could not handle sitting in the darkness, so Sarah and I went out to eat. We ate deliciously bad food. I enjoyed it. Back to the apartment.

At this point, our place was freezing and all we had was candle light. There was nothing to do except play Scattergories with our neighbor Laura and her brother. In the end, the night was pretty decent actually (I think it was the rum that Laura brought over). All I know is that I hate the cold, hate the snow, and hate how unprepared the South is for winter weather.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ballroom Dancing

In preparation for our wedding, Sarah and I have begun taking ballroom dance classes. Our first class was last night and we learned the basic steps for the Foxtrot. Of course, being the dance pros that we are, picking up the Foxtrot was no problem at all. While many of the other couples (especially the guys) stumbled around the room, Sarah and I gracefully danced the night away.

From what we were told, aside from the Foxtrot, we will be learning the Waltz and Swing. About eight years ago, Sarah and I took swing lessons from this little old couple named John and Ginny up in New Jersey. It should be interesting to see the differences between what we learned from them and what we learn in this class. Either way, I expect us to blow everybody out of the water.

My First Year

Today is my one year anniversary at When I came into the office and announced the good news, Todd replied, "A year, huh? Seems like longer." What's that supposed to mean, Todd? Todd's opinion does not phase me that much though. He is one of those artsy-fartsy Mac guys. They are impossible to please.

Aside from Todd's badgering, I have enjoyed my first year here. Both the people and the work are cool and exciting. The environment is exactly what I am looking for and I am pleased with my decision to come work for the company.

Friday, January 21, 2005

Where is all my time?

Where is all my time?
A Haiku by Mark Richards

I have no free time
My time no longer is mine
Hope to get it back

Monday, January 10, 2005

My Pictures

I have finally gotten off my lazy ass...not to post to my blog more, but to put up some pictures that I have taken over the past few months. I opened up a free account at Flickr a while back and now want to put it to use. The plan is to keep this space as my primary location for all my digital images, which is why I am adding a link to the right navigation under the "Links" section called "My Flickr".

Take a look at my most excellent photography skills!

Monday, January 03, 2005

Not Just Another Year

Bah! Currently, I am sitting back here at work in my cubicle in front of this stupid computer screen after two weeks off. I would be lying if I said that I was not trying to figure out how I could "get rich quick" and have many more two week vacations. Getting back to work is never any fun.

The past two weeks may have been the best vacation I have ever had. It was the perfect combination of family, friends, down time, NYC visiting, shopping, etc. I could not have planned it any better.

With 2005 already in full swing, the year feels like any other (working, exercising, dieting). I would venture to guess that this is not going to be just another year though since I am getting married in a few months. My nerves have officially kicked in.

With that being said, I know this is going to be a great year for me personally. So, I would like to take the chance to wish everybody a Happy New Year, and a spectacular 2005!