Mark Richards


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Motor Vehicle Stupidity

A couple of years ago, I saw what I thought to be the strangest thing I had ever seen while driving. Last night, I may have topped that with something so pointless that it makes Seinfeld look like a dramatic, plot-driven masterpiece.

I was driving home from the gym and got caught at a red light right before turning onto my block. Sarah and I were chatting it up about the usual topics like our post-workout evaluation (we study each other's bulging muscles...just kidding). The light turned green and as I started to move forward, I saw what officially is the stupidest shit I have ever seen: a taxi cab with spinners.

If you don't know what spinners are, allow me to show you:

When a vehicle comes to a stop, subsequently the wheels stop (obvious, yes I know). With spinners, the same is true except that there is a piece inside of the wheel that continues in motion in a nauseating fashion. It's both eye catching and distracting, not to mention pointless.

As I was saying, I started turning the corner and the spinners on the taxi cab caught my eye. I pointed at the cab in shock to show Sarah and almost ran off the road. Not only was it a taxi cab with spinners, but it was a grey and blue minivan taxi cab with spinners. Nothing says pimpin' like a soccer-mom-mobile with flashy ghetto wheels. I'm sure when I make my stop in the hood to pickup a few grams, being in a cab with spinners will give me enough street cred to keep people from messing with me.

Needless to say that I have yet to come up with a rational reason for putting spinners on a cab, let alone on any car at all. Apparently the owners of these cars didn't come equipped with the rationale needed to see how worthless these things are. Not to mention that I'm sure that the wheels are worth more than some of the cars that you see them on. Get your freaking priorities in order.

Just plain stupid.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lots of Firsts

The last four days have included many firsts for me. I think the last time I did this many new things in one weekend was right after I moved to Atlanta. Keeping up this pace would be exhausting, but could also be a blast.

New places
I don't know what's gotten into me, but I seem to have gotten back into the swing of going out on both weekend nights. This is a good thing as I am almost always up for a good throw down.

The weekend started with a trip to Graveyard Tavern in East Atlanta with the drinking bloggers. The newly renovated bar had a great atmosphere and featured a Latin Jazz Band. Nice joint. I also can't forget to include that I finally found somebody that appreciates the movie EuroTrip as much as I do. That Dave guy is cool in my book.

Saturday night began at Taverna Plaka, a Greek Restaurant with decent food, belly dancers, loud music, and lots of tossed napkins. The place is perfect for a group party as people are dancing and yelling on the tables and chairs. Really can't go wrong with that, can you? Ouzo shots for everybody! Opa!

The night concluded at The Local, mere seconds away from the Majestic and Clermont Lounge. I'm not usually into places like this (old, dingy, and smoky), but I found it to be fine for a few drinks and some friendly chatter. The lack of large crowds makes The Local okay in my book.

New home
Sarah and I met with our real estate agent for the first time. Brandi Adjmi is a friend of Lauren, our wedding planner. Brandi has been sending us properties via email for the past few weeks and took us to see some of them in person. We're mainly looking in the Piedmont Park/Ansley Park/Morningside areas and it looks as if we'll be able to find something that fits our needs and desires. I cannot stress how much I enjoyed seeing places that could possibly be my future home. So cool!

We also met with a mortgage advisor, which we had never done. Now we have a good idea of how much house we can buy. Let me take a second to say how much monthly housing association fees suck. It's very difficult to get away from them down here in the South though as so many new properties are built in small neighborhoods. Advantage: The North.

New movies
A special thanks goes out to Bobafred for letting me borrow Saw and Saw II. I have been trying to see these movies for God knows how long, but Sarah has kept me from doing so. Scary movies just aren't her bag, baby! Without Brian's persistence and affinity for horror flicks, I may never have seen these two "twisted pictures". On a side note, I highly recommend both movies for their gore and shock factors, as well as plots that keep you on your toes. The writer of these movies is one sick mofo.

Life rocks when you do new and interesting things. If you have anything different you want to do and need someone to do it with, give me a call.